Ashley – Wellesley, MA

I truly feel blessed that you helped me accomplish our dream home!  I know my style is not for everyone, but I smile every time I stop and admire our house.  Plain and simple, our house makes us so HAPPY! It represents the zany personalities of our family and I could not have accomplished this without you and your vision. You pushed me out of my comfort zone and you reigned me in when I needed it.


I have received ENDLESS compliments……everyone raves about the amazing use of color.  I vividly remember our first meeting when I showed you a few of my thoughts for the house…..a lot of very safe colors that i thought I was supposed to like and use.  You took it all in and listened to my thoughts. You came back for our second meeting and asked me a very pointed question…..” i’ve noticed that you and your husband wear a lot of color, what about incorporating those vivid colors into your house, they seem more fitting for your family and lifestyle”  You were exactly right and off we went!


I know every client is different…some clients want you to bring them options and/or present them a complete picture, but you allowed me to bring ideas to the table then worked with me to seamlessly bring together a complete vision.  We couldn’t be happier in our new space, it truly feels like a home that perfectly fits our family. Thank you again for everything – your vision, your patience, your guidance and most importantly your vast knowledge of how to perfectly bring together all aspects of decorating a home.  


-Ashley, Wellesley, MA

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