Melissa Gulley Interior Design is a full service design firm. Proficient in all aspects of design and the construction process from an idea of a house or space through to completion and placement of the last object.

Melissa listens and is committed to getting to know her clients, learning who they are individually and as a family- how each person goes through their day and the varied uses for each space. She believes a house is only a home when the personalities of the people who live there are reflected in the design.

Melissa loves organization- a well thought out, organized, functional house can literally change the daily lives of its occupants.

Melissa is every bit as practical and grounded, as she can be wildly creative and fun!

We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the building process, all aspects of construction and our ability to easily work and collaborate with Architects, Builders and Tradespeople.

We are design obsessed, detail oriented, total team players, fun, easy going and very kind.